ETER explores the free relationship of objects, with the future of the space they wish to inhabit, weaving at the same time, a narrative between history and tradition, re-imagining craftsmanship in a current perspective.

The creative director, Ed Berrios, approaches each creation as its own story, basing its vocabulary on the prospection of an emotional response, taking as inspiration the modernist principles and the pre Hispanic era. The fusion between the ethereal and the tangible. Wrapped in the ambition to rescue handmade crafts. Empowering the artisans who create each piece with knowledge and respect for the trade that has been handed down to them by their ancestors, where each object tells us a unique episode of this creative narrative.
ED, a graduate of the San Juan School Of Interior Design and the Florence Design Academy has a vision that is multi-cultural in terms of his experiences during his studies abroad.

ED's wide-ranging work is central to its “whole design” philosophy; the belief that a cross-pollination of design experience leads to a deeper understanding of how people live their lives and the design needs that arise from those lifestyles a philosophy that ED has come to realization by its crossed cultured background which reflects on Berrios work, which can be described as a unique and subtle mix of cultures and time eras.
ED Berrios Design LLC.
Multi-disciplinary interior-design practice 
based in Miami, FL / Milan, Italy / San Juan, PR.